SOLARNUB makes business expansion a breeze on the product level so you can focus your time on other important things

Your new innovative and effective SELLING Tool. [Your selling channel, your sales team, your sales advisor and your local partner].

Through our CrowdSolar Tool, SOLARNUB combine in a tailored way your product with our knowledge, pre-sale and post-sale services and our added values.

[Working hand in hand with you and our partners] we can adjust your product resulting in a more attractive, competitive and adapted version that fits better for, either the customer’s needs, or the market requirements.

The result is a powerful and non-expensive tool to raise your sales in a cost-effective way.

It is so easy to take part of this innovative selling solution

  1. We reach you up trying to find…
  2. You send us whatever you want to offer within our community.

Sign In… Complete your Seller Profile … Get Verified … Start using our Selling Interface…. It’s simple and easy and we can help you with your set-up.

Now you can join our CrowdSolar Tool and become an active SOLARNUB supplier for FREE.
A Huge selling power without sales fees.

Whatever Solar Products you make, distribute or sell. For example:

  • Solar Production equipment. Crystalline panel production equipment, cell production equipment, [wafer production equipment, ingot production equipment] and thin film panel production equipment manufacturers
  • Solar Materials. Cells, ribbon, glass, encapsulate, back sheet, cable, junction box, connectors, frame.
  • Solar Components. Controllers, batteries, cables, converters, monitoring systems, measurement, transformers and other components.
  • Solar Equipment. Polycrystalline, monocrystalline, thin film and other solar panels, solar inverters, Rooftop racking, ground fixed mounting, trackers.
  • Solar Systems & Applications. Complete PV systems, Solar Lighting, Solar Signaling, Telecommunications, Solar Pumping, Solar desalination, Electric car Solar charging points, Solar Housing, Energy Roofs, Portable Solar Stations, Off-grid Solutions, etcetera.

All the product suppliers in the Solar Supply Chain.

  • Manufacturers.
  • Assemblers.
  • Integrators.
  • Wholesaler.
  • Distributors.
  • Retailers.
  • Vendors.

Worldwide… We are specialist in the EU, USA, CND, MEX and BRA markets.

Become a member of the Selling Interface, setup your supplier profile, get your product and company verified.

SOLARNUB sells for you.

Our Purchasing Interface members. Exception: In single cases, we can offer you to purchase your products ourselves. We are experienced sellers and will do everything we can to sell your material


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