The so-called SOFT COSTS are those costs not attributable to hardware. These costs include permitting, financing, and installing solar, as well as the expenses solar companies incur to acquire new customers, pay suppliers, and cover their bottom line. These SOFT COSTS are tacked-on to the overall price a customer pays for a solar energy system.

Solar prices have fallen dramatically in the last five years. However, to make solar energy cost competitive with traditional forms of electricity by 2020, the price must continue to fall.

While studies show that increasing global production has reliably led to falling costs, non-hardware costs continue to add up, creating a barrier for people interested in solar energy. If we don’t reduce these soft costs in the near future, solar won’t be able to reach a tipping point and move beyond early adopters.

Because there are so many contributing factors, these costs can be hard to pinpoint and require a variety of solutions. The impact of this type of costs goes beyond a mere economic or commercial aspect. Not being able to exploit the full potential of solar technology has an impact on solar companies’ growth, but also on the deployment of this generation technology.

In a socio-economic context with more than 1.2 billion people [17%] who do not have access to energy, with 2.7 billion people [38%] who do not have access to adequate cooking facilities, more than 1 billion people do not have access to sanitary water, and more than 600 million without access to water in adequate conditions for consumption, not proposing realistic and urgent solutions to these situations is not an option. Despite the impressive progress made in energy development in the last century, more advances remain to be done. Energy satisfies people basic needs but is also a necessary engine for socioeconomic development.

SOLARNUB is the perfect tool to increase Solar Industry capabilities for fighting against these challenges. We are fostering a new way of doing solar, making it more accessible and boosting solar deployment.

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